Environmental Studies

Here at Genio International, we pride ourselves on creating mutually beneficial solutions for our clients and the environment. We provide Environmental Studies on-site to empower our clients in understanding human interaction with the environment before developing or acquiring a new site. Apart from understanding the implications of human activities on the environment,  issues between the built environment and the natural environment are also examined to help us better harmonize and synthesize with our environment.

TouchPoints includes but not limited to:

•Efficient water usage and management
•Clean & efficient energy
•Planning of built environment layout
•Land Conservation
•Biodiversity, habitat & species conservation
•Climate change
•Green technology
•Viability of Green Transportation
•Recycling & waste reduction
•Optimizing Micro-climate

We have Experienced in conducting the following Environmental Studies:

– EIA for 350 MW Supercritical Coal-Fired Powerplant at PQA Karachi
– ESIA for 330 MW FB Coal-Fired Powerplant at SECMC Thar
– EIA for 35 MW Hydel Power Plant at Jagran 3, Kundal Shahi, Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir.
– IEE for 50 MW Solar Power Plant at Chakwal, Punjab.
– EIA for 26 Stories Shopping Plaza at Clifton, Karachi.
– IEE for Denim Stitching Unit at Korangi, Karachi.
– Hazardous Substances Handling NOC for Denim Manufacturing Unit at SITE Karachi
– IEE for Boiler Used at Denim Manufacturing Unit at SITE Karachi
– EIA for Spinning and Yarn Manufacturing Unit at Hub Baluchistan
– EIA for 5 MW Hydel Power Plant at Daral Khawar, KPK.