Effluent Treatment Plant

We understand that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate and maintain packaged water and wastewater treatment works. Therefore we decided to expand our business to deliver a complete and holistic solution for our clients. We have done this by not only supplying our clients with the physical treatment plant but also by providing the client with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services which are customized for their specific needs, based on the treatment solution provided and the extent of their available operational and maintenance resources. This way we provide the client with peace of mind that the plant will be operated properly and will perform according to its design. Our O&M service is not limited to the operations of WEC Projects installations. All water treatment plants and domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, from small community plants to municipal works, are eligible for our service.

  • Analysis of Existing Parameters Maintain by ETP
  • Calculation of Pollution Load
  • Evaluation of Technology Used
  • Plan to achieve ZDHC
  • Study to Develop a Revamp Strategy for major Cost Saving
  • Design of a new ETP
  • Ensure Compliance of NEQS
  • Using Advanced Technology to Utilise lest ¬†area for water treatment/Recycling